An Overview Of Key SABS Issues

Darcy Merkur and I have put together a very comprehensive paper which outlines some of the key developments in SABS legislation that have taken place since its introduction in September 2010.

This paper addresses the following key items relating to the implementation of the new SABS:

  1. Transitional Issues;
  2. A Brief Overview of The Minor Injury Guideline;
  3. The New...

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New Associate Robert Ben

We are pleased to welcome Robert M. Ben to the firm.

Robert M. Ben Personal Injury Lawyer

New Personal Injury Information Kit

We are pleased to present our up-to-date Personal Injury Information Kit. In the kit you will find detailed steps to take when you have been injured in an accident and seeking compensation. The Personal Injury Information Kit provides information with respect to the New Auto Insurance Legislation, frequently asked questions, ten...


Toronto man has raised $600,000 on street corner

Michael "Muki" Baum is a Toronto resident who has dedicated nearly 20 years to raising money for people with complex disabilities. To date he has raised over $600,000. Click here to view the Toronto Star article which features his story.