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By Adam Tanel (Published in OTLA's The Litigator, March 2015) Products must be fit for their ordinary use or their primary purpose. The Sale of Goods Act (SGA) was initially conceived as consumer rights legislation, meant to protect the masses from unscrupulous merchants. However, a survey of recent SGA decisions shows more sails than sales. That is to say that a plurality of reported SGA decisions deals with the sale of yachts, equestrian facilities and other less...

Date: April 28, 2015 PIA Law will broadcast a free open forum to provide practical strategies to assist health care professionals in meeting the needs of their clients, getting paid, and dealing with “incurred”. This is an opportunity to ASK THE EXPERTS; leading adjusters, lawyers and accident benefits specialists tough questions. Darcy Merkur and Barbara O'Gorman of Thomson, Rogers will be part of the experts panel. Click on the following link to Register for PIA Law Practical Strategies Webinar  ...