The determination of the legal disputes that arise out of complex personal injuries has become more and more dependent upon the observations and opinions of health care practitioners. Therefore, the ability of healthcare practitioners to communicate their observations and opinions in the legal arena is vitally important to all patients who are unfortunately involved in a serious injury case. An “expert” in a legal case is someone who is considered to have special skill, knowledge, training, or experience, such that their observations and opinions will assist the ultimate decision maker (a judge or jury) in adjudicating a legal case. Often, treating health care practitioners are eager to help their injured patient but are unfamiliar with what may be involved. Equally, ‘independent’ health care practitioners might be keen to assess the Plaintiff for litigation purposes, but are reticent about ultimately having to testify in Court. The goal of this article is to provide ...

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January 2016 ABR Updater: Issue 29

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Darcy R. Merkur*
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