What Is A Tort Claim?

What is a tort claim? A tort claim is a lawsuit filed to claim compensation for the injuries a victim has suffered in an accident. Thus, when you hear people talk about personal injury lawsuits, they’re talking about pursuing a tort claim in Ontario.   What Are The Elements Of A Tort Claim In Ontario?   There are four elements … Continued

What Are The Dangers Of Distracted Driving?

What Are The Dangers Of Distracted Driving Distracted driving is one of the largest causes of motor vehicle accidents in Canada. Every year, distracted drivers cause about 21% of fatalities and 27% of serious injury crashes. Texting and driving, putting an address in the GPS, or just eating make up some of the things that distract us while driving and the list … Continued

What Is A Catastrophic Accident?

What Is A Catastrophic Accident In a moment, one injury could change your life. When car accidents are more severe, that’s when injuries can be considered catastrophic and lead to life-altering, permanent changes. However, even minor accidents can sometimes lead to serious injuries and impairments.  In Canada, catastrophic accidents are at a record high. Although the pandemic and lockdowns have … Continued