Practice Highlights

Darcy Merkur is a highly regarded Ontario Trauma Lawyer helping accident victims (such as pedestrians, cyclists & motorists sustaining catastrophic injuries).

Darcy is proud to be one of just four plaintiff’s personal injury lawyers in Ontario with all of the following credentials:

  • Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society of Ontario
  • recognized as an expert in personal injury litigation in  The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory
  • recognized as an expert in personal injury litigation in The Best LawyersTMin Canada
  • recognized as AV Preeminent® in Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™, and
  • is a partner at a Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firm in Canada according to Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

In addition, Darcy is the first lawyer in Canada to be qualified as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist by the Brain Injury Association of America.

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Personal Injury:
In addition to being certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a specialist in Civil Litigation, Darcy has been recognized by his peers in both The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory as a consistently recommended leading lawyer in Personal Injury representing Plaintiffs and in The Best Lawyers™ in Canada in the field of Personal Injury Litigation. As well, Darcy was the proud recipient of the 2011 Dean Edgell Award, presented by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association for Darcy’s significant contribution and excellence in legal writing, continuing legal education, and leadership activities. His reputation as a leader in the personal injury field was acknowledged in a Toronto Sun article on auto insurance where Darcy was referred to as “one of the province’s leading personal injury lawyers”.

As a trauma lawyer, Darcy handles a multitude of complex, serious personal injury cases on behalf of accident victims and their families and has had some great successes. In a personal injury jury trial involving an adolescent acquired brain injury accident victim, Darcy helped achieve such an outstanding result for the accident victim that the trial judge made a rare premium award to him and his co-counsel. In doing so, the trial judge noted that Darcy had “gained a great deal of expertise in personal injury litigation”.

While most of Darcy’s work involves assisting Ontario motor vehicle accident victims including catastrophically impaired pedestrians and cyclists hit by cars, Darcy has had the privilege of assisting hundreds of victims of sexual abuse. His exceptional work on behalf of victims of sexual abuse was recognized by an Adjudicator in the Aboriginal Residential School Independent Assessment Process. In the decision, the Adjudicator wrote that, “the professionalism, advocacy and solicitor-client relationship displayed by Mr. Merkur during the course of the hearing was exemplary.”

Darcy has also built a reputation as an innovator in the personal injury field. He has designed a revolutionary computer program for use in quantifying personal injury claims and his product is now available for sale through the legal publisher Carswell under the title “The Ontario Personal Injury Damages Calculator”. The program can also be used to quantify the value of past and future accident benefits available under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS), such as attendant care benefits, income replacement benefits, medical and rehabilitation benefits and other benefits available in cases of catastrophic impairment. The program is instrumental for accurately evaluating compensation in car accident cases, slip and fall cases, slip and fall cases and other negligence cases.

Darcy Merkur’s Personal Injury Damages Calculator

Darcy passionately supports the rights of accident victims. Through his previous involvement with the Brain Injury Society of Toronto and, in particular, the Brain Injury Awareness Month planning committee, he has tried to help raise public awareness of the difficulties faced by head injury victims.

Class Action:
Darcy was instrumental in the multi-billion dollar Aboriginal Residential School class action settlement — the largest class action settlement in Canadian history


  • Bachelor of Commerce, McGill University (1995)
  • Bachelor of Laws, Osgoode Hall Law School (1998)

Professional Accreditations and Affiliations

  • Certified Specialist (Civil Litigation)
  • Certified Brain Injury Specialist by the Brain Injury Association of America
  • LEXPERT® Ranked Lawyer
  • Listed in The Best Lawyers™ in Canada since 2013
  • Martindale-Hubbell® Ranked Lawyer, AV Preeminent®
  • Previously on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association between 2015 through 2018
  • Personal Injury Advisory Board for Practical Law Canada (a Carswell/Thomson, Reuters service)
  • Past Co-Chair of the Brain Injury Awareness Month Planning Committee, a committee of the Brain Injury Society of Toronto
  • Recipient of the 2011 Dean Edgell Award, presented by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association
  • Member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association
  • Member of the Advocates’ Society
  • Member of the American Association for Justice
  • Member of the Canadian Bar Association
  • Member of the Ontario Bar Association
  • Member of FAIR (Fair Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform)
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  • Class Action Against Belleville Orthodontist, Dr. Garry Solomon

    We are pleased to announce that pursuant to the Order of Justice Mew, the settlement of this class action was approved on May 8, 2020. Read more here.

  • Goyal v. Niagara College

    In this class action, allegations were made against Niagara College for allegedly misleading potential students about the merits of one of their programs. A settlement of this class action was approved on February 6, 2020 by The Honourable Justice Perell’s Reasons for Decision – Goyal v. Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology can be found here.

  • Alamgir Patel, Mohammed Patel v. Coseco Insurance Company

    In this Licence Appeal Tribunal Arbitration decision, the Arbitrator concluded that an unemployed mother who was qualified as a Personal Support Work is a professional care provider that should be paid by the accident benefit insurer for caring for her catastrophically injured child.

  • Quadriplegic Motor Vehicle Accident Trial (Spring, 2011)

    In the spring of 2011, Craig Brown, Darcy Merkur and Stacey Stevens were trial counsel to a motor vehicle accident victim who had lost control of his motor vehicle within days of his vehicle passing a safety inspection. The plaintiff was catastrophically impaired in the accident and was receiving catastrophic accident benefits from his accident benefit insurer. The claim was for in excess of $15 million. Three weeks into this jury trial, in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, a resolution was reached between the parties. The details of the resolution are confidential. With permission of the plaintiff, you can review a copy of the plaintiff’s opening statement at the link below (to product privacy, all names have been redacted).

    View PDF of Opening Statement

  • Resolution of Sexual Abuse Claims at North York General Hospital

    Resolved claims by 26 victims alleging sexual abuse by Dr. George Doodnaught while at North York General Hospital. See Toronto Star article dated March 24, 2011, and Press Release dated March 8, 2011.

  • Class Action Against the Directors of Farm Mutual Financial Services Inc.

    A Certification and Settlement Approval motion with respect to a class action against the directors of a bankrupt investment company that were alleged to have breached their duty to the customers of that company. The $21.25 million settlement was approved. For details see: the reasons of Justice Perell..

  • Allegations of Sexual Assault By Dr. George Doodnaught at North York General Hospital

    Thomson Rogers is pleased to announce, on behalf of its clients, that an agreement has been reached with North York General Hospital to establish an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Process that will allow qualifying claimants to come forward and receive compensation in a fair and efficient manner.

  • Banerjee v. Shire Biochem Inc. et al.

    In this class action lawsuit, Craig Brown and Darcy Merkur were successful in having a class action certified on behalf of users of a Parkinson’s Disease drug that claim they suffered compulsive behaviour, such as compulsive gambling, as a result of using the drug.

  • Resch v. Canadian Tire

    After achieving an extremely successful jury verdict of $3.5 million on behalf of an accident victim, Craig Brown and Darcy Merkur, the lawyers for the accident victim, were acknowledged by the Judge as having done a marvelous job advocating on behalf of the injured victim and his family. The Judge awarded Craig Brown and Darcy Merkur a very rare $100,000.00 costs premium for having achieved an outstanding result. An appeal by the defendants to the Ontario Court of Appeal was later marked as abandoned.

  • Haddad v. Kaitlin Group Ltd.

    In this Motion for Certification, Alan Farrer and Darcy Merkur persuaded the Court that the circumstances of this misrepresentation claim warranted resolution by way of a class action. In this case, home purchasers claim damages from a developer of a Subdivision for allegedly making mispresentations about the nature of the Subdivision in its Marketing Materials. The case will now proceed as a class proceeding under the Ontario Class Proceedings Act.

  • Baxter v. Canada

    Thomson Rogers was the first to issue a national class action on behalf of all Aboriginal Residential School survivors throughout Canada. Lawyers Craig Brown, Alan Farrer and Darcy Merkur were involved in every step of the class action including in the negotiations that lead to the largest class action settlement in Canadian history! The settlement, valued at in excess of $4 billion, was approved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Affidavit of Darcy Merkur was cited extensively in the Court’s approval of this monumental settlement.

  • Webb v. Weiglein

    Leonard Kunka and Darcy Merkur helped a victim of a tummy tuck gone wrong receive compensation for her pain and suffering.

  • Britton v. O’Callaghan

    Darcy Merkur successfully argued before the Ontario Court of Appeal that the more favourable Ohio substantive law applied to a car accident victim injured while a passenger in an Ontario motor vehicle being driven in Ohio.

  • Chisholm v. Liberty Mutual Gr

    Darcy Merkur appeared before the Ontario Court of Appeal regarding the issue of a drive-by shooting victim’s entitlement to statutory accident benefits under the Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS).

  • McIntyre v. Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services

    Darcy Merkur appeared before the Ontario Court of Appeal regarding the issue of whether personal injury damages can be seized to pay an outstanding restitution order.

  • Abick v. Continental Insurance Co. of Canada

    Craig Brown and Darcy Merkur successfully argued for disclosure of opinions given by a personal injury lawyer hired by the insurance company in a car accident case on behalf of both the insurance company and its insured.

  • TDL Group Limited v. Niagara

    Roger Beaman and Darcy Merkur persuaded the Ontario Court of Appeal that a municipality had the right to install a median on the roadway in front of an entrance to a popular Tim Horton’s.

  • Thomson Rogers Current Events Webinar Series: Techniques for Success in AB Claims

    Thomson Rogers Current Events Webinar Series: Techniques for Success in AB Claims     Thank you to everyone who attended our Thomson Rogers Current Events Webinar Series “Techniques for Success in AB Claims” held July 10, 2020 conducted by Thomson Rogers’ personal injury lawyers Darcy Merkur, Deanna Gilbert and Lucy Jackson. To view all previous … Continued
  • Darcy Merkur Discusses Ontario Government Greenlighting Phase 2 And Businesses Mulling COVID-19 Waivers In Law Times

    On June 10, 2020, Thomson Rogers trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur discussed the Ontario Government greenlighting Phase 2 and how waivers aimed at reducing COVID-19 transmission liability could be easily expanded by lawyers in an article titled “As Ontario government greenlights phase two, more businesses could mull COVID-19 waivers” by Anita Balakrishnan of the Law Times. … Continued
  • Darcy Merkur Discusses Whether COVID-19 Will Push More Lawyers Into Retirement In Law Times

    Darcy Merkur in Law Times | by Anita Balakrishnan | June 8, 2020

    On June 8, 2020, Thomson Rogers trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur discussed the impacts of COVID-19 and lawyers being pushed into retirement in an article titled “Will COVID push more lawyers into retirment?” by Anita Balakrishnan of the Law Times. “Our cases take three to five years to resolve — it’s often very much longer. And … Continued
  • Darcy Merkur Discusses Impacts Of COVID-19 On Practice In Law Times

    Darcy Merkur in Law Times | by Bernise Carolino | May 27, 2020

    On May 27, 2020, Thomson Rogers trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur discussed the impacts of COVID-19 on practice in an article titled “Ontario personal injury lawyer Darcy Merkur explains impact of COVID-19 on practice” by Bernise Carolino of the Law Times. In the article Merkur predicts the collapse of mass marketing firms and early retirements. “mass … Continued
  • Three Key Tips To Completing The Disability Certificate (OCF-3)

    Anyone injured in any way by a motor vehicle in Ontario must complete and submit a Disability Certificate (OCF-3) in order to qualify for important benefits. If you have retained a trauma lawyer to assist you then the trauma lawyer will help ensure that the Disability Certificate is properly completed and submitted on your behalf. … Continued
  • The Impacts Of COVID-19 On The Personal Injury Law Firm Landscape

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had far reaching impacts on virtually all areas of life. All businesses, including Personal Injury law firms and rehabilitation companies, are working feverishly to adapt to this new normal. In the last decade, there has been a huge surge in the number of lawyers and law firms focusing on personal injury … Continued
  • Three Key Tips to Completing The Application for Accident Benefits (OCF-1)

    Anyone injured in any way by a motor vehicle in Ontario must complete and submit an Application for Accident Benefits (OCF-1) in order to qualify for important insurance benefits. If you have retained a trauma lawyer to assist you then the trauma lawyer should help complete the accident benefit forms on your behalf. If you … Continued
  • Rebate My Car Insurance Now!

    PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE AND USE THE HASHTAG #carinsurancerebate TO SUPPORT A CAR INSURANCE REBATE! Anyone else think that car insurers should do the right thing and reduce your premiums immediately given that no one is really driving right now? A rebate would be most welcome to many who are suffering financially…. @OntarioTLA @InsuranceBureau @AvivaCanada … Continued
  • Darcy Merkur Mentioned By Global News Discussing Arrest of Immigration Consultant Sparks Questions About Why Regulator Didn’t Act Sooner

    Global News | by Brian Hill and Jeff Semple , mentioning Darcy Merkur | February 25, 2020

    On February 25, 2020, Thomson Rogers trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur was mentioned by Global News’ Brian Hill and Jeff Semple on the arrest of an immigration consultant which has sparked questions about why regulator didn’t act sooner. Now, lawyers such as Darcy Merkur and Ravi Jain, chair of the immigration law section of the Canadian … Continued
  • Common $1M liability coverage not enough this day and age

    Law Times | Mallory Hendry, quoting Darcy Merkur and Ian Furlong | February 5, 2020

    Thomson Rogers partners Darcy Merkur and Ian Furlong were quoted in a recent Law Times article “Common $1M liability coverage not enough this day and age: lawyer” by Mallory Hendry discussing insurance companies needing to do a better job informing clients about liability coverage. Thomson Rogers partner Darcy Merkur says, In the right case, we … Continued
  • Don’t Start Crossing When the Pedestrian Countdown Has Commenced!

    Did you know that it is illegal to start crossing an intersection once the pedestrian countdown has started? I bet you didn’t. Many of us consider the pedestrian countdown or the associated flashing “don’t walk” pedestrian hand signal as an alert to cross quickly or to speed up as the light is about to change. … Continued
  • Why A Healthcare Provider Should Refer Potential Clients to Thomson Rogers

    By Darcy Merkur

    When a healthcare provider is in a position to direct a potential accident victim to a trauma lawyer the most important thing for the healthcare provider to consider is who will do the best job for the client? What is the best job for the client in the context of serious personal injuries? Is it … Continued
  • Understanding the Basics of Ontario’s No-Fault Accident Benefit System

    Are you one of the many people that have no idea what benefits would be available to you if you were injured in a car accident? If you are confused by Ontario no-fault accident benefits, this article should help. Anyone injured in an incident involving the use of a car or motorcycle in Ontario is … Continued
  • Time to Buckle Up in Ubers and Taxis

    Why is it that most of us will buckle up as a passenger travelling with friends and family, yet rarely buckle up as a passenger in an Uber or a taxi? Uber, Lyft and other rideshare programs have revolutionized the way many of us travel finding it faster and more convenient than it is to … Continued
  • Delays plaguing personal injury class actions

    The Law Commission of Ontario recently released a report evaluating the effectiveness of the Class Proceedings Act and found that delays are plaguing the process. “The biggest problem in litigation, both personal injury and class action, is delay,” says Darcy Merkur, a personal injury lawyer and partner at Thomson Rogers Lawyers in Toronto. Delays are … Continued
  • Best Lawyers in Canada 2020

    We are proud to announce that 13 Thomson Rogers partners have been selected for inclusion in the 14th Edition of The Best LawyersTM in Canada. Since it was first published in 1983, Best Lawyers has become universally regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence. Best Lawyers lists are compiled based on an exhaustive peer-review evaluation.  Lawyers are not required or … Continued
  • Darcy Merkur appears on Global News to discuss accident insurance reform in Ontario

    Global News | by Catherine McDonald, quoting Darcy Merkur | July 5, 2019

     On July 5, 2019, Thomson Rogers’ trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur was interviewed by Global News reporter, Catherine McDonald, on a case involving a couple, Bella De Bartolo and Ben Schenk, whose car was struck by a flying tire from a southbound SUV.  Ben Schenk suffered a traumatic brain injury. Darcy, who does not represent … Continued
  • Canadian Pacific Railway and Hamilton home owners sued for $15,000,000

    CHCH News | Darcy Merkur quoted | May 28, 2019

    The family of Khelyse Crowe-Kasule are suing Canadian Pacific Railway along with Hamilton homeowners Ryan Maloney and Rachel Toombs for $15,000,000 regarding last spring’s accident that left Kasule with lasting physical and psychological injuries. Family’s lawyer, Darcy Merkur, says the owners of the property were negligent in the fact that there are no barriers separating … Continued
  • Family of Hamilton girl whose leg was crushed by a train is suing CP Railway

    CBC News | Samantha Craggs, quoting Darcy Merkur | May 28, 2019

    The family of an eight-year-old girl is suing CP Rail for $15 million. Khelyse Crowe-Kasule was playing near the tracks around Cumberland and Gage last April 5 when the train moved, crushing her right leg. Doctors amputated part of her leg, and she’s permanently disabled, said her lawyer, Darcy Merkur. “She’s a resilient kid,” Merkur … Continued
  • Delta Optimist – Debilitating injuries described in mounting lawsuits against alleged van attacker

    Delta Optimist | by Liam Casey, quoting Darcy Merkur | April 5, 2019

    Traumatic brain injuries, spinal fractures and internal bleeding are among the litany of ailments described in a mounting number of lawsuits against a man accused of killing 10 people and injuring 16 others in a van attack in Toronto last year. Lawyers involved in the suits against Alek Minassian believe the cases, which the court … Continued
    • Legal Rights of Family Members

      Presented at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital | Training for Professionals in BIFI & BIFI-A Workshops | April 4, 2019

      On April 4, 2019, Thomson Rogers’ personal injury lawyer Darcy Merkur presented at the Training for Professionals in Brain Injury Family Intervention for Adults and Adolescents (BIFI & BIFI-A) Workshops hosted by Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. His presentation on Legal Rights of Family Members focussed on the following: Tort Rights Accident Benefit Entitlement Complicating Factors View his presentation … Continued
    • Personal injury advertising geared for change

      Law Times | by Michael McKiernan, Darcy Merkur quoted | June 13, 2016

      Darcy Merkur wants to inject a new word into the public lexicon when it comes to personal injury law boutiques: “classy.” His firm, Thomson Rogers, teamed up with fellow industry heavyweights Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers LLP and McLeish Orlando LLP to form the Personal Injury Alliance four years ago, introducing themselves with a series … Continued
    • Major Accident Benefits Changes Come into Effect on June 1st, 2016

      Accident Benefits Summary Charts (for accident on or after June 1, 2016)

      To help those in Ontario understand the major automobile insurance changes and the new reduced accident benefits limits, Thomson Rogers has prepared two useful accident benefits summary charts. The first chart: Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule Summary (for accidents on or after June 1, 2016) highlights the accident benefits available for each of the three categories of … Continued
    • No-Fault Accident Benefits Coverage? No Thanks

      Toronto Sun | by Darcy Merkur | March 5, 2016

      Ontario drivers are legally required to purchase automobile insurance that includes overpriced, no-fault accident benefits coverage. If you look at your automobile insurance invoice, you will see that some 25% (or roughly $350) of your annual automobile insurance premiums are specified to be in relation to your mandatory purchase of these no-fault accident benefits. With … Continued
    • Attempt to apply legislation retrospectively fails

      The Lawyers Weekly | February 5, 2016

      Recent amendment to SABS being used as “old rules-new rules’ bargaining chip. Yet again the insurance industry has been thwarted in its attempt to retrospectively apply insurer friendly legislative changes to ongoing claims. The issue of the retrospective application of legislative changes was again before the court in the context of automobile insurance rights in … Continued
    • Statutory Deductible Confusion

      ABR Updater | January 2016

      The risk analysis associated with the resolution of ongoing motor vehicle tort claims in Ontario has been turned on its head following the surprising December 8th decision by Justice Martin James of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Vickers v. Palacious, 2015 ONSC 7647 (Ont. S.C.). Since October 1, 2003, Ontario has had in … Continued
    • Panelist at the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

      New Lawyers Division Conference | September 25, 2015

      On the topic: “Quarterbacking the Case: How to Shape the Insurer’s and Client’s Perceptions of the Case’s Value”.

    • The Tort Case: Thinking Strategically from Start to Finish

      OTLA - New Lawyers Division Conference| September 25, 2015

      For more details about the conference, please click on the New Lawyers Division Conference Agenda.

    • The Coming Changes to Ontario Auto Legislation: Accident Benefits & Tort

      PIA Law Back to School Conference "A Brave New World" | September 10, 2015

      At this year’s conference, hosted by the Personal Injury Alliance (PIA Law) and Toronto ABI Network, personal injury lawyers Darcy Merkur and Ryan Murray provided an overview of the upcoming changes to Ontario auto legislation with specific emphasis on Accident Benefits and Tort. A few of the changes addressed in their presentation were: Major reductions … Continued
    • Changes to Ontario Auto Legislation: Accident Benefits & Tort

      Canadian Insurance Claims Managers Association's General Meeting | September 2, 2015

      Darcy Merkur provides an overview of the upcoming changes to Ontario auto legislation with a specific emphasis on Accident Benefits and Tort.

      Read the paper: The Coming Changes to Ontario Auto Legislation: Accident Benefits & Tort

    • One-on-One with Darcy Merkur

      Excerpt from Practical Law Canada The Magazine | June 1, 2015

      Darcy Merkur has combined his passion for business and the law to build a reputation as one of the most innovative personal injury lawyers in the country. Numerous lawyers already rely on his Ontario Personal Injury Damages Calculator software to ballpark the value of client claims, and many more will soon reap the benefits of … Continued
    • Bad News for Crash Victims

      Toronto Sun | written by Alan Shanoff, quoting Darcy Merkur | May 30, 2015

      Last month’s Ontario budget continued the erosion of accident benefits for victims in motor vehicle accidents. The reductions are most significant for those suffering from catastrophic injuries. Since 1996, these victims were entitled to reasonable and necessary medical and rehabilitation services up to $1 million, in addition to up to $1 million in attendant care … Continued
    • Personal Injury Law: Insurance changes a catastrophic ambush | May 4, 2015

      As part of the provincial budget announced on April 23, the Ontario government has decided to first throw seriously injured accident victims off the bus and then deprive them of the ability to make a good recovery. The announcement comes as a total blindside to interested stakeholders. Historically, whenever the Ontario government was considering major … Continued
    • Personal Injury Law: Westerhof a welcome decision that will reduce litigation costs | May 30, 2015

      While litigation experts hired by a party to a lawsuit must comply with the comprehensive expert report rules set out in Rule 53.03 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure, participant experts such as treating health practitioners and non-party experts such as those hired by a non-party insurer don’t need to comply with the rule … Continued
    • Personal Injury Law: New ruling establishes that any financial outlay is an economic loss | March 23, 2015

      A recent Financial Services Commission of Ontario arbitration decision has confirmed that any financial outlay by a service provider can qualify as an economic loss within the meaning of the definition of “incurred” in subsection 3(7)(e) of the Ontario statutory accident benefits schedule.
    • Using Technology and Demonstrative Aids at Trial

      Canadian Bar Association's "Skilled Lawyers Series V" | February 19, 2015

      The following is an overview of what Darcy covers in his presentation: The importance of using technology and demonstrative aids at trial Using technology and demonstrative aids effectively Using technology and demonstrative aids in the courtroom (with a focus on opening statements and examination-in-chief) View PowerPoint Presentation: Using Technology and Demonstrative Aids at Trial (with a … Continued
    • Personal Injury Law: Getahun provided crucial clarity on consultations between experts, counsel | February 2, 2015 – There’s absolutely nothing improper with counsel’s practice of reviewing draft expert reports, according to the Ontario Court of Appeal in its hotly anticipated decision in Moore v. Getahun.

      See the full article here.

    • Attendant Services and Public Policy

      Outspoken Magazine | by Peter Athanasopoulos | December 2014 - Interview with Darcy Merkur

      See the full article here.

    • LawPRO ordered to indemnify Heydary’s victims | by Yamri Taddese (quoting Darcy Merkur) | November 17, 2014

      A year after lawyer Javad Heydary disappeared amid client claims for $3.6 million in missing trust money, a Superior Court judge has ordered LawPRO to indemnify them. (more…)

    • Using Demonstrative Evidence to Get the Most Out of Expert Evidence

      Law Society of Ontario Conference "Expert Evidence for Litigators" | November 7, 2014