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West Park Healthcare Centre

It was a beautiful sunny summer day, riding my motorcycle along Eglinton . . . all I remember is looking down and noticing my left leg five feet away from my body. That was the start of a new chapter.

From the get go I knew this will all be better and before I know it I will be skiing and riding again, even if it meant with a prosthetic.

The doctors and nurses at Sunnybrook were god sent. They initially tried to save my detached leg but that didn’t work out so well and we amputated on Nov. 1st, 2013. That was three months after the accident. I was bedridden the entire time and I hated it. On Nov. 2nd I was walking with crutches.

I was sent to West Park Rehab Centre, I couldn’t say enough about the staff there. I met Dr. Devlin, Henry (my prosthesis) and Janet (my physiotherapist ). I was fitted with a prosthetic above knee and I was to start learning to walk again, this is how babies must feel when they start walking.

The rest of this story is pretty boring…….

Today, I ski, I hike, I run after my kids, I swim, I live my life as full as I can because you never know what tomorrow would bring…..

My family is the world to me, which includes my greatest friend Meri. My husband is my rock even though he doesn’t know that. I should mention it to him.

The last three years have been a roller coaster ride and I have met some great people along the way. The staff at Sunnybrook, my awesome support at West Park Rehab Centre, and last Leonard Kunka and Carmen Spano at Thomson Rogers. They were supportive and the staff was amazing, very professional and kind. I never once felt guilty calling with questions.

It truly took a village and their support to get me to where I am today and I am humbled by all and every one. I thank you for your support and guidance.


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West Park Healthcare Centre

When a life-changing injury or illness strikes, we help patients reclaim their lives and realize their potential.

In a park-like corner of Toronto’s cityscape, we have created a nurturing campus of care where patients and their families are supported in responding to adversity and adapting to new circumstances. It’s a restorative experience like no other.

West Park provides specialized rehabilitation; complex continuing care, long-term care and community health services helping individuals manage difficult health challenges like lung disease, diabetes, stroke, amputation and musculoskeletal issues arising from a life-changing event or illness.

West Park combines the feel of a person-centred village with the effectiveness of an evidence-based hospital. In our unique rehabilitative environment, high touch really does meet high tech – collaborative, nurturing attention is empowered by advanced technology and research. Here, patients receive individualized care that addresses all aspects of person and possibility in the journey from crisis… to hope… to realizing potential.

We are passionate about realizing potential – our patients’ and our own. Our unique campus has a rich history that stretches back to 1904, but it’s the future that holds the most promise for us.

We have a clear vision, and we are on the bold path to transform West Park into a world-class centre of rehabilitative care.

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