An Overview Of Key SABS Issues

Posted January 27, 2011
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Darcy Merkur and I have put together a very comprehensive paper which outlines some of the key developments in SABS legislation that have taken place since its introduction in September 2010.

This paper addresses the following key items relating to the implementation of the new SABS:

  1. Transitional Issues;
  2. A Brief Overview of The Minor Injury Guideline;
  3. The New Accident Benefit Forms;
  4. Amendments to the new SABS set out in Ontario Regulation 289/10;
  5. Key Interpretation Issues including:
      1. Whether pre-approval is required for Form 1 Assessments;
      2. Whether costs like interpreter costs and transportation costs are covered by the $2,000 assessment/examination cap; and,
      3. Whether Treatment and Assessment Plans can be denied simply on the basis of potentially not being “reasonable and necessary”;
  6. Amendments to the Insurance Act:
      1. Eliminating the statutory deductible in tort in fatality cases; and,
      2. Adjusting the past income rule to 70% gross income in tort.

Anyone involved in accident victim care will find this to be very interesting reading.

Click here to read the full version of the paper

Your Comments Are Always Welcome

If you have any comments to pass along to us, please feel free to make them here. We would appreciate your feedback and are very interested in the details of any particular challenges these changes in the law have presented for you.