Ava Williams Featured In Law Times “Leveraging Research On TBI Makes PI lawyers Better Advocates”

Posted August 18, 2021
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On August 17, 2021 Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Ava Williams discussed traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) and how a deeper understanding of their impact on people’s lives helps lawyers help clients in an article titled “Leveraging research on TBI makes PI lawyers better advocates” in Law Times.

“We have clients who experience a TBI and who may also struggle with housing, addiction or criminal legal troubles,” says Ava Williams. “There’s a lot of misunderstanding regarding traumatic brain injury as well as the different areas of society it intersects with — and there’s quite some overlap and some causality between TBIs and many of the clients we see every day.”

Williams continued…

“I can scroll through my LinkedIn and read a statistic, watch a quick interview or listen to a podcast that shares a different perspective of TBI that makes me more educated — and by virtue of that, more empathetic and a better advocate,” said Williams. 

Continue reading the full article on Law Times here.

Ava N. Williams is a personal injury lawyer and associate at Thomson Rogers. Her practice is devoted to representing Plaintiffs in personal injury litigation and she is committed to advocacy both in and out of the courtroom. Ava can be reached at 416-868-3130 or by EMAIL.

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