Catastrophic Clarity

Posted June 3, 2013
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It is important to remember that Catastrophic Impairment is a legal definition, not a medical one. Therefore, what does or does not represent catastrophic impairment cannot be based on “science”, nor can it be based on medical opinion. That is the essence of the discussion at hand.

Much of what is being contemplated in the redefinition is an attempt to cloak Policy as Science. If it is Policy to change the definition, so be it. FSCO should be honest and declare its intent to the 12 million Ontarians affected by the anticipated changes (not just the 9 million licenced drivers, as pedestrians are also affected by these definitions). If we cannot afford to pay for catastrophic injuries as they are defined within the present premium umbrella, then the IBC and FSCO should admit that there needs to be Policy change to address this.

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