Electronic Insurance Slips Now Possible for Ontario Drivers

electronic insurance slips in ontario As of September 5, 2019, Ontario drivers are permitted to carry their pink insurance slips electronically rather than having to rummage through the glove box to find a paper copy after being pulled over by the police. This follows the Government’s Putting Driver’s First plan set forth in the 2019 Budget and its goal to … Continued

Nemchin v. Green: A Refresher on the Use of Surveillance and Facebook

surveillance In the recent decision of Nemchin v. Green, [2019] ONCA 634 (CanLII), the Ontario Court of Appeal provided further guidance on the use of Schedule B documents including surveillance and Facebook at the trial of a personal injury action.  The Plaintiff in Nemchin alleged to suffer from disabling PTSD arising from a motor vehicle crash, … Continued

Boating Safety

child with life jacket on boat It’s great to be able to say summer has finally arrived! Did you know that over 40% of adult Canadians participate in recreational boating each year? While you are outside enjoying our beautiful weather; you also want to be safe on our waterways. Despite best efforts boating and watercraft accidents happen. In July of this … Continued

Riding Season is Open! Read this first

motorcycle riding season Cyclists and motorcyclists know that two wheels can be more fun than four. Few things in life compare with the feeling of banking into a long curve on a sunny spring day. There is a unique perspective being part of the scenery and a joy in the knowledge that your vehicle’s contact with the road … Continued