Slips, Trips and Falls

By Stacey Stevens

Slips, Trips and Falls Stacey Stevens As we move further into the colder months, the accumulation of ice and snow is inevitable but slips, trips and falls are not, provided proper care is taken to ensure sidewalks, driveways and stairs are maintained. In Ontario, every property owner and tenant has a positive obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure people coming … Continued

Christmas Party Liability: When Cousin Eddie Comes Over

By Carr Hatch

Christmas Party Liability When Cousin Eddie Comes Over Carr Hatch Cousin Eddie and his family will be staying with you yet again. He will bring his Rottweiler and his old RV will be parked in your driveway. You will host your usual Christmas party with family and friends attending. Cousin Eddie’s Eggnog and, since 2018 and the Cannabis Act, his endless supply of marijuana will … Continued

OHIP Out-of-Country Coverage Is Winding Down and What You Should Know

By Leonard Kunka

OHIP Out-of-Country Leonard Kunka The Ontario Government will start winding down the OHIP Out-of-Country Travellers Program as of January 2020 and Ontario residents need to know what that means for them. The program currently provides limited coverage for emergency health care expenses incurred when an Ontario resident is travelling outside of Canada. Coinciding with the removal of the OHIP … Continued