Going Through the System – A Consumer’s Perspective

November 4, 2013

Going Through the System – A Consumer’s Perspective Glenn Fincham, ABI Survivor and Leonard Kunka, partner a Thomson Rogers, discuss Glenn’s road to recovery, focusing on the challenges Glenn faced, and how those challenges were overcome from the perspective of a brain injury survivor.

Personal Journey to Independence – The Tina Manousos Story

Back to School Conference | September 2012

Tina Manousos, past client of Sloan Mandel Presented by Sloan Mandel, partner at Thomson Rogers and his past client Tina Manousos. After Tina Manousos was seriously injured in an accident, she was told she would probably never walk again. In this presentation, Tina shares her story of her struggles in day to day life, how the accident changed her life and how … Continued

Catastrophic Impairment – A Patient’s Perspective

Kalika Webb, past client of Sloan Mandel On March 11, 2005, Kalika Webb, then 17, suffered catastrophic impairment as a consequence of a car crash. Personal injury lawyer Sloan Mandel of Thomson Rogers had the honour and privilege of representing her. Many people have opined that Kalika’s impairments were insurmountable. Over the past six years, having had the opportunity to represent Kalika … Continued