Condo owners fear expropriation by city because of library redevelopment

Posted April 22, 2016
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The redevelopment of the Dawes Road Library has condo owners who live above the facility angry. They have been given notice from city officials to move in order to accommodate the redevelopment.

Thomson Rogers’ Stephen D’Agostino and Denitza Koev, expropriation lawyers, represent the condo owners.

They are not in favor of this. They much prefer to be left alone. They prefer the city to work with them to bring the building up to proper standards and to move the library and the library proposal somewhere else. That would be their preference.

– Stephen D’Agostino

View video below:

Stephen D'Agostino  For more information about expropriation, please contact Toronto expropriation lawyer, Stephen D’Agostino at 416-868-3126.