Darcy Merkur Featured In BNN Bloomberg “Renting Out Backyard Swimming Pools Can Be Lucrative, But Experts Warn Of Risks”

Posted August 19, 2021
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On August 19, 2021 Thomson Rogers personal injury trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur discussed renting out backyard swimming pools in an article titled “Renting out backyard swimming pools can be lucrative, but experts warn of risks” in BNN Bloomberg.

“If I was consulted by someone who was injured at a swimming pool, I would sue the homeowner,” Merkur said. “It doesn’t matter if they have an airtight rental agreement, we would absolutely implicate the homeowner . . . and those cases are often quantified in the $10-million range.”

Merkur continued…

“”Lawyers like us get around them all the time. Renting out your pool, as a side hobby, is not advisable from a liability perspective at all.”

Continue reading the full article on BNN Bloomberg here.

Darcy Merkur is a highly regarded Ontario trauma lawyer helping accident victims such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, who have sustained catastrophic injuries. 

Darcy is the first lawyer in Canada to be qualified as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist by the Brain Injury Association of America. In addition, Darcy has been recognized as a Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society of Ontario, is listed in peer-reviewed publications – Lexpert® and The Best Lawyers™ in Canada, is ranked AV pre-eminent in Martindale-Hubbell ® and is a partner at Thomson Rogers, one of Canada’s Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firms as selected by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. 

Darcy can be reached at 416-868-3176 or by EMAIL.

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