David MacDonald Featured In Law Times “Mapping ‘Invisible Injury’ Of The Brain”

Posted May 17, 2021
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On May 13, 2021 Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer David MacDonald discussed how SPECT scans change the game for mild-to-moderate brain injuries in an article titled “Mapping ‘Invisible Injury’ Of The Brain”” in Law Times.

“If six months after their accident, or later, brain injury survivors need daily cuing, prompting and reminding to help them, they are “dependent” and meet the criteria to be deemed catastrophically impaired,” David MacDonald says. “We can then help the brain injury survivors apply for the funding for the care and rehabilitation they require to help them function.”

MacDonald continued…

“…nuclear medicine specialists help educate us to understand that brain perfusion SPECT is accepted as a test with ‘diagnostic significance’ by all medical imaging expert bodies on earth,” citing Dr. Tarzwell. 

Continue reading the full article on Law Times here.

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