Deanna Gilbert Discusses Four Considerations For Surveillance and Facebook Evidence with Law Times

Posted April 6, 2020
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On April 2, 2020, Thomson Rogers lawyer Deanna Gilbert discussed “Four considerations for surveillance and Facebook evidence” with David Kitai of the Law Times.

In a recent case – Nemchin v. Green – the trial judge excluded surveillance and Facebook evidence and Deanna Gilbert broke down the implications of this decision into 4 major points for the Law Times.

“Pick and choose your battles, deal with them one at a time,” Gilbert says. “You may be better off if a particular excerpt of surveillance doesn’t show a major inconsistency with your client’s testimony. It may not win favour with jurors if the big “ah ha!” moment they were waiting to see like they may be used to from tv shows did not turn out to be much of a smoking gun at all.”

Read the full article and Deanna’s four major considerations on Law Times here.

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