Deanna Gilbert Featured In Law Times “Exploring Common Discovery Refusals: What’s Proper, What’s Not?”

Posted June 8, 2021
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On June 2, 2021 Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Deanna Gilbert discussed how understanding relevant case law means fewer disputes and less cost, delay in an article titled “Exploring common discovery refusals: What’s proper, what’s not?” in Law Times.

“When you ask a question and the other side says: ‘I’ll comply with the rules,’ that really frustrates me,” Gilbert says. “With many questions, there is no rule you can point to that directly responds to the specific question asked, and even if there was, the reality is that we don’t all agree upon the interpretation of the rules. If we did there wouldn’t be so many disputes.”

Gilbert continued…

Our whole system of justice is based on the fact that the parties should come to the table having an idea of the evidence — you’re not supposed to ambush people,” Gilbert notes.”

Continue reading the full article on Law Times here.

Deanna Gilbert is a personal injury lawyer and a partner at Thomson Rogers. Her practice is devoted to representing Plaintiffs in personal injury litigation including cases arising from motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, product liability and assaults. Deanna can be reached at 416-868-3205 or by EMAIL.

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