Electronic Insurance Slips Now Possible for Ontario Drivers

Posted September 5, 2019
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As of September 5, 2019, Ontario drivers are permitted to carry their pink insurance slips electronically rather than having to rummage through the glove box to find a paper copy after being pulled over by the police. This follows the Government’s Putting Driver’s First plan set forth in the 2019 Budget and its goal to make life easier for Ontario drivers.

For the first year, insurers will continue to issue the pink insurance slips along with offering an electronic option.

Drivers who opt to rely on the electronic pink slip will have to ensure the slip can be properly displayed when requested. A poor signal, shattered smartphone screen or dead battery will not be acceptable reasons for being unable to show the pink slip.

If you lend your vehicles to someone, you will have to make sure that person is in possession of the insurance slip. The fine for failing to show proof of insurance can be up to $500.

Stacey Stevens is a partner and a personal injury lawyer at Thomson Rogers. Her practice is entirely devoted to helping people who have sustained serious personal injuries from car, motorcycle, boating accidents and slip and falls. Stacey’s expertise has been sought out in interviews on Canada AM, the Business News Network and CFRB Radio, and in newspapers and magazines including the Lawyer’s Weekly, Law Times, The Litigator and The Globe and Mail.