Examinations, Assessments and Reports: What’s Covered and Who Pays?

Posted March 17, 2011
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On September 1, 2010 a new SABs regime took effect. It brought with it a number of drastic changes to the SABS that will have a dramatic impact on things like client assessments, examinations and reports and who pays for this activity.

This paper, from the point of view of coverage and payments, takes an in-depth look at the changes that the new SABS will bring about. This examination includes sections on Minor Injuries, Non Catastrophic and Catastrophic Impairment and Tort Claims.

With each change to the SABS, your patient’s entitlements become further restricted. The need to maximize tort entitlement will be, by necessity, of greater importance and your efforts will be required to obtain fair and reasonable outcomes.

The legal issues surrounding the new SABs are extremely important ones in that they are going to drastically change the way accident coverages are assessed and more importantly how accident costs are financially covered. This article contains a great deal of valuable information that the heath care community needs to know going forward into the new SABS world.

Remember the TR Solution: In the appropriate case, in consultation with a Thomson Rogers lawyer, we will fund the costs of assessments.

Read full version of Sloan’s paper: Examinations, Assessments and Reports¬†– What’s Covered and Who Pays?