Fees Paid to Case Managers and Attendant Care Providers is Clarified

Posted April 12, 2018
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FSCO Releases Revised Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline

Finally, some good news relating to the interpretation of the accident benefit legislation. The Government through a FSCO Bulletin A-03/18 has clarified that attendant care payments should be made having regard to the calculated MONTHLY amount rather than by applying the low hourly rates to the actual services provided. As well, the Bulletin clarifies that case managers with professional designations should be paid at their professional rates even when they are acting as case managers (i.e. that an OT working as a case manager should be paid at the OT rate rather than the case management rate). Some recent cases had interpreted the legislation different and this clarifying bulletin will help accident victims get the services they need.

See revised Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline on the FSCO website.