Ian Furlong and Robert Ben Discuss Court of Appeal Victory on Out-of-Province Insurance Coverage

Posted November 12, 2019
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On November 4, 2019, Thomson Rogers’ partners Ian Furlong and Robert Ben were interviewed by Aidan Macnab of the Law Times on their perseverance and ultimate breakthrough in a case surrounding an ATV accident in British Columbia and how Ontario insurance applies out-of-province.

“By the time Ian and I got to the court of appeal, it was already the fourth kick at the can, so to speak, but we were convinced that we were right and everyone else was wrong in terms of the law,” said Robert Ben.

After a Thomson Rogers’ seriously brain-injured client was denied access to over $2 million in benefits when his insurance company refused coverage for an out-of-province ATV accident, and despite losses at arbitration, a first-level appeal, and an appeal to the Divisional Court, Ian and Robert persevered and prevailed at the Court of Appeal.

The result means that:

“From a practical standpoint, a person buying insurance in one province doesn’t need to worry about not being covered if they drive their car over a provincial border,” said Ian Furlong.

Read the full article here: Court of Appeal rules Ontario insurance policy applies to B.C. accident.