International students take legal action against Niagara College for $50M

Posted August 17, 2015 thumbnail

Former international students at Niagara College are launching a class-action lawsuit against the school and seeking more than $50 million in damages after a mostly online program left some foreign students ineligible to work in Canada after graduation.

Anish Goyal and Chintan Zankat are taking legal action on behalf of a host of affected classmates after they enrolled in a four-month program allegedly designed to help them qualify for “coveted” post-graduate, three-year work permits.

“We’ve alleged that Niagara College came up with a program for international students designed to allow them to qualify for a three-year work permit, which they coveted, but failed to properly design it. And, as a result, their graduates are not qualifying for the work permits and are essentially being kicked out of Canada,” said Darcy Merkur, the graduates’ lawyer.

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