Matthew Sutton Featured In Law Times Article “Recent Case Addresses Role Of Pyshcometric Validity Testing In Catastrophic Designations.”

Posted April 4, 2022
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Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Matthew Sutton was recently featured in a Law Times article titled “Recent case addresses role of psychometric validity testing in catastrophic designations.”

In the article Sutton discusses how the decision supports scrapping the cat designations completely.

“It was one of those cases where both sides could agree we needed to have an adjudicator come to findings of fact,” Sutton says of Ratnam v. Primmum Insurance Company. “It was a tough case from a factual perspective in terms of connections and causation.”

Sutton continued:

“From our position, we have a client whose life has deteriorated from a mental and behavioural perspective and it’s absolutely clear that decline happened after the 2014 accident – but on paper, it was hard to understand where the lines of connection were,” Sutton says. “The adjudicator has to answer based on the way the case law is today: ‘but for’ the subject accident is this client catastrophically impaired?”

Continue reading the full article on Law Times here.

Matthew Sutton is an associate personal injury lawyer at Thomson Rogers. Matthew can be reached at 416-868-3187 or by EMAIL.

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