Michael Bennett Featured In Law Times Article “Court clarifies law regarding award of damages for loss of competitive advantage”

Posted June 9, 2022
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Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Michael Bennett was recently featured in a Law Times article titled “Court clarifies law regarding award of damages for loss of competitive advantage.”

In the article Bennett discusses how a judge dug into the complicated issue in a recent decision out of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

“There was ­– and continues to be – a wide range of views regarding how to quantify a loss of competitive advantage,” said Michael Bennett, partner at Thomson Rogers Lawyers. “But the judge in this case dove two feet in, rolled up their sleeves and dug into this very complicated issue.”

Bennett continued:

“…the court refused to say because the plaintiff did such a great job mitigating his damages, there is no loss – the judge recognized if you can’t do what you used to do, there’s a loss there and this case helps us understand how to put a dollar value to it.”

Continue reading the full article on Law Times here.

Michael Bennett is a partner at Thomson Rogers. Michael can be reached at 416-868-3246 or by EMAIL.

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