Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Posted May 13, 2016
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Warm spring weather means more motorcyclists are back on the roads, so it’s no coincidence that May is also Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Each year, all drivers are reminded to safely share the road with motorcyclists and to be extra vigilant to help others stay safe. Transport Canada reported 189 motorcyclist deaths in 2014 due to crashes. That’s not including the riders who were seriously injured. While these statistics may seem scary, there are ways all drivers can safely share the road. Motorcyclists must remember to wear proper safety gear (i.e. helmets, boots, gloves, etc.), while drivers should remember that motorcyclists can be difficult to see, so it’s important to look twice, especially before turning at intersections or changing lanes.

motorcycle safety image

Motorcycle safety courses are available through the Ministry of Transportation, promoting safe riding for new riders by building skills and confidence through training programs, and instructor courses for more experienced riders.

With the Victoria Day long weekend approaching, we want to remind you that if you’re going to be riding, please be patient, dress to be seen and protected, ride within your limits, and stay sober.