Take a walk on the safe side – for you and your child

Posted February 16, 2016
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crosswalk sign

On January 1, 2016 a new law was enforced to keep the roads safer for pedestrians. Under the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act, all motorists and cyclists in Ontario must yield at pedestrian crossovers until the pedestrian(s) have completely cleared the crossing before proceeding.

Failure to comply will result in a fine up to $500 and three demerit points. Fines are doubled in Community Safety Zones near schools and public areas.

The new law applies only to pedestrian crossovers, school crossings and any crossing where a crossing guard is present. It however, does not apply to pedestrian crosswalks.

What’s the difference between a crossover and crosswalk?

Crossovers are designated areas that allow pedestrians to safely cross roads where there are no traffic lights. Often they are marked with specific signs, overhead lights and push buttons.

Crosswalks are located at intersections with traffic signals, pedestrian signals or stop signs.

School Crossing (guard must be present for law to apply)
Any pedestrian crossing where a school crossing guard is present and holding a stop sign.

Pedestrian Screenshot

Children face an increased risk for pedestrian injuries, but you can keep that risk at bay by taking the right steps to educate your children about pedestrian safety.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Transportation