New Video: Managing Hospital Discharge Barriers

Posted May 28, 2013
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A special panel discussion took place at the Back to School Conference. This discussion featured commentary from:

Martha Binstock, B.Sc.P.T., MCPA, CLCP
Maggie Didiano, BA (Hons.), Rehab Cert.
Heather Flett, BA, BSc., MSc
Helena Griner, Lyndhurst Centre Client
Leonard Kunka, Partner – Thomson Rogers
Blair Williams, Lyndhurst Centre Client

This discussion included commentary on the following points:

  • When rehabilitation facility stays are too short. The client perspective.
  • When clients are discharged too early, can a family cope?
  • How can I extend my rehabilitation and avoid being discharged?
  • How do my emotions affect the discharge process?
  • How to work with a client who is not emotionally equipped to deal with rehab?
  • What’s the best way to manage medical complications and family doctors?
  • Programs outside of Ontario that spinal cord injury clients might have access to