Ottawa bus-train crash lawsuit may be launched

Posted October 1, 2013
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A class-action lawsuit may soon be launched by victims of the deadly bus-train crash that recently took place in Ottawa, Toronto plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer Darcy Merkur says in the Toronto Sun.

In the report, Merkur, partner with Thomson Rogers, says he’s spoken with a potential representative plaintiff, and is eager to hear from others to gauge whether there’s widespread support.

“We’d like to speak with as many of them as possible,” he says in the article.

The Sept. 18 accident killed six people, including the bus driver, and injured dozens after a double-decker OC Transpo bus slammed into the side of a Via Rail train.

In the report, Merkur says proceeding with the lawsuit, filed on behalf of all involved, could result in a claim in excess of $20 million, while a group action, representing families of those killed and the seriously injured, could be at least $10 million.

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