Our Booth & iPhone X Contest Were A Great Success!

Posted November 13, 2017
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iphone x winner

At Thomson, Rogers we take great pride in preparing and sharing pertinent legal information with our friends in the Medical Rehab community. Our Accident Benefit Reporter Updater and periodic TR articles are great ways to stay informed. Subscribing is actually quite easy. 

As a Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers booth prize we offered to subscribers who attended the 2017 Acquired Brain Injury Provincial Conference in Niagara Falls, a chance to win the Apple iPhone X “super phone/computer”.   

Conference delegates on November 2nd lined up to participate. Both Elisa O’Neill and Tawnya Rudy of our Client Services department diligently provided ballots and checked who was or was not subscribed to our “news service” in order to make sure the draw was fair. 

Well, here we go. We have drawn the winning ticket for the Apple iPhone X – The winner and congratulations go to Arvinder Gaya of PiOT.

Best wishes and thank you. 

Director of Client Services