PI lawyers critical of Ontario’s new car insurance plan

Posted December 6, 2017
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Ontario’s new “Fair Auto Insurance Plan” will leave accident victims without an advocate and at the mercy of insurance companies, say personal injury lawyers.

The government is aiming to deliver lower insurance premiums by allowing insurance companies to “bully” accident victims, says Darcy Merkur, a partner at Thomson Rogers in Toronto.

“It’s a smart thing for the government to do. It’s just totally unfair to accident victims. in so much as they care about helping accident victims, it’s horrific,” says Merkur. “The recommendations were all about letting the insurance company get away with cheap mistreatment of accident victims, all with the purpose of saving the public auto insurance premiums, but to the total detriment of accident victims.”

Some personal injury lawyers say this shows an intention to eliminate cash settlements between automobile accident victims and insurance companies, which would eliminate the incentive to take on automobile accident insurance claims.

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