PIA Law Lawyers Launch Innovative New Personal Injury Module

Posted December 11, 2015
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Recently, lawyers representing all three of the PIA Law firms worked alongside LexisNexis Canada to help create the Lexis Practice Advisor’s Personal Injury (Ontario) module.

The module was designed as a comprehensive guide on how to prepare a personal injury case. Lawyers from across Canada will now have an opportunity to access documents prepared for them by leaders from within their industry.

The product has officially launched and is now available for use. It can be found here.

Well-deserved congratulations should be given to all of the lawyers from Thomson Rogers, Oatley Vigmond LLP, and McLeish Orlando LLP, who were involved in the development of this module. Their contributions will have a significant and positive impact on the Personal Injury bar in Ontario for many years to come.

Contributors from Thomson Rogers:

Alan Farrer

Michael Bennett

Sloan Mandel

Wendy Moore Mandel

David Payne

David Tenszen