Pothole Damage

Posted April 12, 2016
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After each winter, potholes are found throughout the city, and if you hate them as much as most drivers, you’re not alone.

Our very own, Leonard Kunka, was unfortunate to have pothole-related damage done to his vehicle, which racked up $1500 in repairs. Aside from cautiously trying to avoid potholes while driving, there’s not much drivers can do to protect themselves or their cars. However, if you do receive damage to your car, you can file a claim against the city or province, but be aware, it will not be easy.

If you do find yourself in this situation and want to pursue a complaint, you can:

  1. Refer to the guidelines at the City of Toronto
  2. Report the incident to the City. Please note you must do this as soon as possible.

You will need to provide:

  • Your name, home address, phone number and email address;
  • Date, time and location of incident which caused the property damage or injury;
  • Exact location including a diagram and/or photo of area;
  • A description as to how the accident happened, and names, phone numbers of any witnesses;
  • Detailed description of your property damage or injury
  • Include documentation that supports your claim such as: photos, receipts and estimates; and,
  • Outline why you believe the City is responsible for the accident.

Source: Do you have pothole damage? You could get compensation from the city – Toronto | Globalnews.ca