Judge Condemns Practice of Ghostwriting Expert Reports

by Stephen M. Birman | March 10th 2017

Doctor Writing Report Defence medical assessments are a fact of life for Plaintiffs in personal injury litigation. Most injured accident victims dislike the idea of attending these assessments with medical experts retained by the defendant’s insurance companies. As lawyers, we frequently hear from clients who call us in frustration with complaints that the medical expert had pre-determined his/her … Continued

‘Ghostwriting’ Prohibited in Court

TorontoSun.com | by Darcy Merkur | February 18, 2017

Toronto Sun thumbnail Does Donald Trump author all of his own tweets? Is it wrong if he doesn’t write them all himself? While the U.S. president and other politicians and celebrities can have representatives speak on their behalf, an expert witness in the courtroom does not have that right. Rather, a court expert must be the sole author … Continued

Hospital doctor’s negligence upheld after fatal meningitis missed, court rules

CTV News Toronto | by Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press | November 28, 2016

CTV News Toronto thumbnail TORONTO — A hospital doctor who failed to detect meningitis in a patient who died from the infection was professionally negligent, Ontario’s top court affirmed Monday. In upholding a negligence finding against Dr. Virat Joshi, the Ontario Court of Appeal said the evidence clearly showed Mark Barber was displaying symptoms the doctor should have noticed and investigated. … Continued

Tips on Managing a Medical Malpractice/Products Liability Case

Posted September 26, 2016

Managing a Medical Malpractice / Products Liability Case On September 22, Thomson, Rogers’ personal injury lawyer Kate Cahill provided a few tips on how to manage medical malpractice and products liability cases at the Will Davidson Products Liability Litigation Conference. Click on the following link to view her PowerPoint Presentation: Tips on Managing a Medical Malpractice/Products Liability Case

Avoiding Case Dismissal in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical Malpractice Review | Issue 1 | September 2016

Medical Malpractice Review Issue 1: Avoiding case dismissal in medical malpractice lawsuits thumbnail A search of Ontario medical malpractice cases decided in the last 6 months shows that Plaintiffs risk having their cases dismissed if they do not have an experienced malpractice lawyer. Plaintiffs’ claims are often dismissed because they have not commenced their action within 2 years. Of approximately 14 medical negligence rulings in the last 6 … Continued