Right to Claim Catastrophic Attendant Care and Housekeeping Benefits Returned

Right to Claim Catastrophic Attendant Care and Housekeeping Benefits Returned Stacey Stevens Insurers have been put on notice — accident victims who have been deemed catastrophically impaired more than 104 weeks after their car accident can no longer be barred from claiming catastrophic attendant care benefits based on the expiration of the two year limitation period set out in section 18 of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule … Continued

Slips, Trips and Falls

By Stacey Stevens

Slips, Trips and Falls Stacey Stevens As we move further into the colder months, the accumulation of ice and snow is inevitable but slips, trips and falls are not, provided proper care is taken to ensure sidewalks, driveways and stairs are maintained. In Ontario, every property owner and tenant has a positive obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure people coming … Continued

Don’t Start Crossing When the Pedestrian Countdown Has Commenced!

pedestrian countdown Did you know that it is illegal to start crossing an intersection once the pedestrian countdown has started? I bet you didn’t. Many of us consider the pedestrian countdown or the associated flashing “don’t walk” pedestrian hand signal as an alert to cross quickly or to speed up as the light is about to change. … Continued

Christmas Party Liability: When Cousin Eddie Comes Over

By Carr Hatch

Christmas Party Liability When Cousin Eddie Comes Over Carr Hatch Cousin Eddie and his family will be staying with you yet again. He will bring his Rottweiler and his old RV will be parked in your driveway. You will host your usual Christmas party with family and friends attending. Cousin Eddie’s Eggnog and, since 2018 and the Cannabis Act, his endless supply of marijuana will … Continued