Question to Thomson Rogers

Posted February 10, 2011
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Author: Paul Standish

“Just wanted to let you know that I have received feedback from supervisors and adjusters at Insurance Companies;
OCF 18’s, i.e.,

  1. Medication – I am being told that the insurer has the right to request that the meds be placed on a treatment plan, and that has been the training that the adjusters have been receiving.
  2. Denial of OCF 18:
    the adjuster says they don’t have to provide a medical reason to deny the OCF 18’s, but has to provide medical docs to the assessor, only, who will in turn potentially provide the medical reason.

This seems contrary to what was being espoused at the conference.

Is this a matter for future dispute/resolution between the plaintiff’s lawyer’s and the insurer’s?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Paul Standish, CM”