Rebate My Car Insurance Now!

Posted April 6, 2020
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While there has been a public outcry against illegal corporate price gouging during this COVID-19 state of emergency, where is the public outcry against car insurers charging you the same hefty monthly premium when you are barely driving during this lockdown?

The government announced state of emergency has resulted in substantially reduced vehicular use. You aren’t driving to work. You aren’t taking your kids to school, hockey and dance class. You aren’t going out!

Your car is just sitting in your driveway and you have no choice but to spend the same $150 per month or so on mandatory car insurance.

Car insurance is important. It provides coverage for property damage to your car, coverage for legal responsibility for accidents you may cause, and no-fault accident benefit coverage to help you out, to some extent, if you have been injured in an accident.

The price of insurance in Ontario has been a source of much debate. Many believe we overpay for the modest coverage it provides. But what should be obvious is that you shouldn’t have to pay $150 per month for mandatory car insurance when your car has barely moved since March 17th when the government announced a state of emergency.

So, we call on insurance companies throughout Ontario to immediately announce a 50% rebate on car insurance premiums since the state of emergency was announced on March 17th.

That 50% rebate recognizes the reality that some modest driving is still required to purchase essential goods and for travel to essential work places.

We ask the Ontario government to support this initiative and help influence car insurers across Ontario to implement this 50% rebate immediately.


Darcy Merkur is a highly regarded Ontario trauma lawyer helping accident victims such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, who have sustained catastrophic injuries. 

Darcy is one of just four plaintiff’s personal injury lawyers in Ontario recognized as a Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society of Ontario, listed in peer-reviewed publications – Lexpert®, The Best Lawyers™ in Canada and AV pre-eminent Martindale-Hubbell ®. He is also a partner at Thomson Rogers, one of Canada’s Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firms as selected by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. 

Darcy can be reached at 416-868-3176 or by EMAIL.