Robert Ben Featured In Law Times article “Representing Clients With Diminished Capacity”

Posted June 8, 2020
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On June 1, 2020, Thomson Rogers partner Robert Ben was featured in an article titled “Representing Clients With Diminished Capacity” in the Law Times.

In the article Ben shares the skills he thinks are most crucial for serving this vulnerable group of clients.

“Lawyers are no different than any other service provider, they should provide service with regard to the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities, to make sure that they have an opportunity to use your services in a way that’s equal to others,” Ben says. “In a retail store, you might think of a simple example like making the steps into your store accessible with a wheelchair ramp. In a law practice you’ve got to provide alternative means or accommodate the way you deliver legal services.”

Ben continues,

“I can think of clients who have had some preexisting issues with mental health, anxiety, depression, but were generally managing and coping well in their day to day life,” Ben says. “But after they get a very serious injury that sets them back and they’re unable to work financially, they start to struggle, they can’t pay their bills, that causes increased anxiety, increased depression, and it reinforces itself and creates a spiral.”

Continue reading the full article on Law Times here. 

Robert Ben is a personal injury lawyer and a partner at Thomson Rogers. Robert can be reached at 416-868-3168 or by EMAIL.