RSM Canada Celebrates Canada’s 150 Anniversary by Interviewing a Number of Leaders in Canadian Business.

Posted August 28, 2017
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Thomson Rogers’ Managing Partner Alan Farrer, discusses the importance of bringing Canadian values and a Canadian approach to law to achieve fairness for individuals affected by personal injury matters.

“We bring those Canadian values into our day to day practice, the values of inclusiveness, of diversity, of social awareness and social liberalism. We like to think that those values define us and help us do a better job for each and every one of our clients who are, in the end, all individuals who all have problems, they need some empathy, they need us to work for them, be their champions, and we bring that Canadian approach to everything we do, each and every day.” – Alan Farrer

RSM Canada is a leading Canadian accounting firm that often provides expert evidence to law firms whose clients require to prove their economic losses at trial.