Stacey Stevens Featured In Law Times “Four Decisions Have Shown How Juries Can Be Dismissed During COVID”

Posted October 4, 2020
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On October 1, 2020, Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Stacey Stevens discussed four decisions that have put Ontario on a trajectory towards reduced roles for juries in an article titled “Four decisions have shown how juries can be dismissed during COVID” in Law Times.

“What I thought was interesting to take out of them is that we’ve got case law that shows the right to a jury trial in a civil case is not a fundamental right is a substantive one,” Stevens says. “Judges can use their discretion to set aside the jury if they feel that it’s reasonable to do so.”

Stevens continued to say,

“From a purely personal injury perspective, I believe these decisions will give plaintiffs greater access to justice. For accident victims, there is so much delay and so many hurdles that plaintiffs have to go through in order to get to the finish line, to get to the courthouse steps. The ability to simplify the process by removing jury trials and streamlining judge alone trials, will likely create more access for justice for all.

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