Stephen Birman and Lucy Jackson Featured In National Post In Article Discussing Altamont Care Community

Posted June 7, 2020
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On June 7, 2020, Thomson Rogers lawyers Stephen Birman and Lucy Jackson were featured in an article titled “Canadian troops might be called to testify in lawsuits against long-term care homes” by Lee Berthiaume of The National Post.

The article outlines how the military had more than 1,000 service members in 15 long-term care facilities in Quebec and almost 500 in five homes in Ontario last week including Altamont Care Community.

“The military is in a position to provide very helpful evidence,” Birman said. “They came in as a third party, as an objective observer, and they saw and identified a horrendous and shocking situation that may never have come to the forefront to the extent that it has if not for their involvement.”

According to the article, the military report on Altamont includes allegations that most residents did not receive their medication or proper meals and many had been left in bed for long periods without being moved or washed. There were also concerns about staff shortages and training.

“I would think everybody who’s involved in this important matter would want to hear from the military when this matter makes its way to the courts,” Birman said. “We will do everything we can to gather their evidence so it forms part of the record in this case.”

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