Stephen Birman Interviewed on 640 Toronto By Kelly Cutrara

Posted June 17, 2020
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On June 17, 2020, Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Stephen Birman was interviewed by Kelly Cutrara of 640 Toronto on a segment titled “Ontario mulls ‘good faith’ immunity from COVID-19 lawsuits.”

“I’m here to say, as a lawyer who is representing residents of two of the hardest hit long term-care facilities in Ontario, the Altamont facility in Scarborough and the Woodbridge Vista facility, that the government should not under any circumstances pass a law that says it’s okay to be negligent with our elderly seniors,” said Birman. “The stories are horrific, it’s appalling, it’s like nothing that we’ve heard or seen before and the notion that the government would even be considering granting some sort of immunity to homes who have a record of years worth of violation, and I’m talking about for profit nursing home operators who allowed the virus to take root and spread in the first place, is appalling and I’m here to make sure and do whatever we can as lawyers to make sure that nothing like that happens.”

Listen to the full interview below.