Stephen Birman Interviewed On CityNews Regarding Ford Government Bill That Would Make It Harder To Sue Long-Term Care Homes

Posted October 22, 2020
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Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Stephen Birman was interviewed by Cynthia Mulligan of CityNews Toronto discussing the Ford Government’s bill that will make it harder for families affected by COVID-19 to sue long-term care homes in a feature titled “Coronavirus: Bill would make it harder to sue long-term care homes.

“It’s hard enough as it is to establish a negligence claim in Ontario,” said Stephen Birman. “Especially when you are dealing with a vulnerable population that has suffered a great tragedy like this, let alone raising the standard to a gross negligence standard.”

Asked if it makes the class action’s impossible, Birman responded,

“No, not at all. It adds another hurdle, another layer.”

Watch the full feature here.