Stephen D’Agostino Featured In Law Times Article “Highway Project Raises New Legal Issues For Property Owners Facing Expropriation”

Posted August 20, 2020
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Thomson Rogers managing partner Stephen D’Agostino is featured in a Law Times article by Aidan Macnab titled “Highway project raises new legal issues for property owners facing expropriation” discussing hearings of necessity.

“D’Agostino says that, though the hearings of necessity were “never fair anyway,” they were “an important trigger in the process,” which can allow property owners to get a better price for their land.”

D’Agostino continues to say;

“I’m not saying a government would do this. But what a government could then do is they could look at the real estate market and say, ‘We don’t want to buy it today, because it’s a rising market. But we think economic conditions are going to change in five years, let’s just sit on it wait for the price to drop – because there’s a recession expected – and let’s buy it for the lower price later on.’ So, horribly unfair.”

Read the full article here.