Superintendent Releases Recommendations for Changes to the Definition of ‘Catastrophic Impairment’

Posted June 12, 2012
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The Superintendent has just released recommendations for changes to the important definition of “catastrophic impairment” in the Ontario Statutory Benefit Schedule (click here to see the Superintendent’s full report).

The recommendations adopt the vast majority of changes proposed by the expert catastrophic impairment panel. Those recommendations included a total revamp of the various tests used to determine eligibility to the enhanced benefits associated with a catastrophic impairment designation. Many of the recommendations were opposed by groups representing accident victims.

For a summary of the expert panel’s recommendations along with a summary of the Superintendent’s recommendations click here.

These controversial recommendations have no legal force until and unless legislative amendments to the Ontario Statutory Accident Benefit Schedule are passed by the Ontario government.

In addition, the Superintendent has made recommendations relating to the required credentials for catastrophic impairment assessors. For a summary of the CAT assessor recommendations click here.