High Speeds Equal Less SABS

High Speeds Equal Less SABS Recently, we saw another example of how incidents of stunt driving and street racing have been on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic started. On May 9, 2020, Ontario Provincial Police caught a driver travelling 308 km/h on the QEW Highway. Not only does this behaviour attract the risk of significant fines, vehicle impoundment, incarceration … Continued

Three Key Tips To Completing The Disability Certificate (OCF-3)

Three Key Tips To Completing The Disability Certificate (OCF-3) Anyone injured in any way by a motor vehicle in Ontario must complete and submit a Disability Certificate (OCF-3) in order to qualify for important benefits. If you have retained a trauma lawyer to assist you then the trauma lawyer will help ensure that the Disability Certificate is properly completed and submitted on your behalf. … Continued

Darcy Merkur appears on Global News to discuss accident insurance reform in Ontario

Global News | by Catherine McDonald, quoting Darcy Merkur | July 5, 2019

Global News Thumbnail  On July 5, 2019, Thomson Rogers’ trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur was interviewed by Global News reporter, Catherine McDonald, on a case involving a couple, Bella De Bartolo and Ben Schenk, whose car was struck by a flying tire from a southbound SUV.  Ben Schenk suffered a traumatic brain injury. Darcy, who does not represent … Continued

“Reasons” for an Examination Under Oath

Aviva Insurance Company of Canada v. McKeown

team working together If requested by an accident benefits insurer, a person injured in a car accident “shall” submit to an examination under oath.  These examinations can take hours and cover all aspects of the accident, nature of the injuries, the types of benefits claimed, etc.  If a request for an examination under oath is made, the insurer … Continued

Licence Appeal Tribunal Case Law and Growing Pains

Posted June 14, 2017

judge and gavel The Licence Appeal Tribunal (“LAT”) began hearing accident benefits disputes on June 1, 2016. Since June 1, 2016, there have been approximately 100 decisions rendered by LAT adjudicators. In this article, I review a few of the important cases to date and the principles emerging from them. The overriding theme from the claims decided to … Continued