Don’t Start Crossing When the Pedestrian Countdown Has Commenced!

pedestrian countdown Did you know that it is illegal to start crossing an intersection once the pedestrian countdown has started? I bet you didn’t. Many of us consider the pedestrian countdown or the associated flashing “don’t walk” pedestrian hand signal as an alert to cross quickly or to speed up as the light is about to change. … Continued

Ian Furlong and Robert Ben Discuss Court of Appeal Victory on Out-of-Province Insurance Coverage

Law Times | Ian Furlong and Robert Ben Interviewed | November 4, 2019

Ian Furlong and Robert Ben Discuss Court of Appeal Victory on Insurance Coverage Out-of-Province On November 4, 2019, Thomson Rogers’ partners Ian Furlong and Robert Ben were interviewed by Aidan Macnab of the Law Times on their perseverance and ultimate breakthrough in a case surrounding an ATV accident in British Columbia and how Ontario insurance applies out-of-province. “By the time Ian and I got to the court of appeal, … Continued

6 Cyclist Behaviours That Put Lives at Risk

cyclist riding by cars In part two of our series on improving cyclist/driver relations, we focus on how cyclists can better share the road with drivers In part one, we discuss how drivers can better share the road with cyclists. Read it here. If drivers have one big gripe about cyclists, it’s this: some cyclists seem to think the rules … Continued

Pedestrian Car Accident Claims – To Settle or Not To Settle

Posted July 13, 2017

Stacey Stevens, best personal injury lawyer Toronto Pedestrians involved in a car accident should be cautious when settling their claim. In particular, settlement of a catastrophic Statutory Accident Benefits(SABS) claim prior to the negligence trial can be risky.  The recently released decision in Cadieux v. Saywell, 2016 ONSC 7604 (CanLII) is a perfect example of why this may not always be advisable where … Continued