High Speeds Equal Less SABS

High Speeds Equal Less SABS Recently, we saw another example of how incidents of stunt driving and street racing have been on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic started. On May 9, 2020, Ontario Provincial Police caught a driver travelling 308 km/h on the QEW Highway. Not only does this behaviour attract the risk of significant fines, vehicle impoundment, incarceration … Continued

Stunt Driving Isn’t Like “Fast And Furious”

Stunt Driving Isn't Like "Fast And Furious" There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a number of effects on how we live our everyday lives. For many of us, we are unable to jump in a car and travel to work, to see loved ones, or to our favourite restaurant. The stay-home enforcements mean that there is less traffic on the … Continued