Rebate My Car Insurance Now!

Car Insurance Rebate Now! PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE AND USE THE HASHTAG #carinsurancerebate TO SUPPORT A CAR INSURANCE REBATE! Anyone else think that car insurers should do the right thing and reduce your premiums immediately given that no one is really driving right now? A rebate would be most welcome to many who are suffering financially…. @OntarioTLA @InsuranceBureau @AvivaCanada … Continued

Think Twice Before Lending Your Car

handing over car keys to someone else How often have you lent your car to a family member, friend or colleague without giving it a second thought? Perhaps it’s time you did. Recently, I was consulted by a distraught woman named Lisa. Lisa had lent her car to her daughter, Susan, so Susan could take her friends to the movies. Unfortunately, what … Continued

Car Insurance Reforms Bad for Taxpayers

Toronto Sun | by Darcy Merkur | August 14, 2017

Toronto Sun thumbnail Why lower premiums for less coverage will inevitably lead to higher taxes Anyone want to save $100 per year on automobile insurance? What’s the catch you ask? Well, you will get less insurance protection than you need. Oh, and did I mention your taxes will go up significantly because people without adequate insurance protection will … Continued