Should Crosswalk Illusions Be a Reality?

boy standing on 3d crosswalk Cities at home and abroad test street art to improve pedestrian safety. It’s been a grim year for pedestrians in Toronto. The city is on pace to log one of the worst years on record, with 17 pedestrian deaths by the end of June. And the death toll continues to mount despite well-intentioned measures to … Continued

Bay and Richmond – A death trap literally at my front door

toronto intersection with cyclist car and streetcar According to a recent article in the Toronto Star, the intersection of Richmond and Bay Sts. is “absolutely terrifying” for cyclists. I could have told you the same thing. I cycle through that intersection every day on my way to work. Not only is it on my cycling route, but it is literally steps from … Continued

Traffic Accident Fatalities on the Rise: What Torontonians Need to Know

Posted November 11, 2016 | Leonard Kunka quoted

Traffic accident fatalities thumbnail TORONTO, November 10, 2016 – When everyone claims the right of way, no one wins. That seems to be exactly what’s happening on Toronto’s streets as the number of traffic collisions and fatalities climbs. “It is a real public safety issue and one that could get even worse as we transition from fall to winter,” … Continued

Controversy Over Mayor Tory’s Road Safety Plan

Bicycling in traffic There are always many points of view in any situation. Recently, Mayor John Tory faced immediate backlash after announcing his plan to reduce traffic fatalities. Cyclists seem to be at the front of the line in terms of being at risk of getting hurt. The article announcing the response to Tory’s plan raises some interesting … Continued