ABR Updater: Kathleen Wynne Taketh Away, But Canada’s Top Court Giveth Back

ABR Updater, Issue 42 | by Adam Tanel | November 2017

Accident benefit reporter Issue 42 Just months ago the Wynne government stripped tetraplegics, amputees and brain injury survivors of important benefits (at the request of the insurance industry). However, in more recent news, the Supreme Court of Canada just made it easier for Plaintiffs to advance claims for mental/psychological damages. In the B.C. trial of Sadaati v. Moorhead, released earlier this year, a … Continued

Expert Evidence and Diagnosis Not Required to Prove Damages for Mental Illness

Posted June 5, 2017

Deanna Gilbert The Supreme Court of Canada released a landmark decision on June 2, 2017, in the matter of Saadati v. Moorhead. In short, the Court held that Plaintiffs claiming damages arising from a mental or psychological illness are not required to adduce expert psychiatric evidence to receive compensation for their damages, nor must they have been … Continued